Speak Easy is a concept of sharing advice and intellect, that I got from visiting a local spot in West Palm Beach, FL. I wanted to share a similar theme with those would like to converse with me awhile, in the same space and time. 

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“For one to realize who they are and act on the realization, in hopes to bring about a positive self purifying result, is truly awesome. When loved ones are there to witness the inception of your germination, the transition is made easier.”- DREW L. HINDS JR 2008




Ashley wrote:

I think that is good for a author to critique his or her own work that way the second one or which ever number you are on can be spectacular, you know?

Okay, I love this quote, because it is so true and even though everyone may not be religious they can still respect the concept......

"God doesn’t use perfect people, but willing people.” In fact no matter what your statues is in life, you can only be used if you are truly willing to be used." – DREW L HINDS 2008

I also like this saying that I am about to put up, I like it because you use it as a calling but in the same since you not being arrogant with your wording, I hate reading about someone who is trying to be close to God and they make it like they are the chosen one, like they are meant to be like that, don't get me wrong God calls people to do his will, but God is trying to get others to see and believe by using you, not trying to rub it in their faces and act holier than though.....

“I didn’t choose singles ministry, youth ministry, family life ministry, music ministry, literature ministry, street ministry or personal ministry, yet it chose me.” – DREW L HINDS 2008

And I like how you are putting your own personal views and so far you are going to share your personal experiences, and you not trying to judge people through a book, you just sharing your own views and hoping that people see how you were blessed through him, and know one can down that.

From what I see, you’re not trying to remix the Bible and you are not trying to push or force believes on others that is the most hated thing in Christianity is forces beliefs. That is why I think most people don't want to come to God, they think he is a mean and punishing God, don't get me wrong he can shut it down ( in lack of better words,,,lol) but He loves us more than anything else He does, and He loves us more than we can ever know. In fact it, is sad when His so called believers judge others to the point where they are not willing to come to Him, and they are not willing to try, and see what we see, because they are not surrounded by loving and kind people which is what Christianity is Jesus in your heart at all time, that is the Church that is truly showing love.

I am getting there, and you will learn fast why people can't stand my honesty cause if I don't like something you will know.

Ashley (Criminology Student)


Jeless W. wrote: I am just thinking when you messed up with the past! And the past gives u a second chance !!! When ur supposed to be over the past!!!IM THINKING HARD.WHAT TO DO?

Hello Jeless,

I read your daily quote and I have been in that position more than once and I always knew that it wasn't by chance we both moved on. I said in my new book that, "An EX is an EX for a reason." Please, don't let your loneliness get the best of you from making a logical decision. I don't know why that person was put in the past, but I feel that you had a good reason at the time. With that said, you really can't tell if the person has changed or basically got their act together. Is it really worth you going back into just because you may feel lonely at times?

I use to always hear the saying, "Let go and let God." Trust me, everything happens for a reason. Now, if it was something you did to push the relationship into the negative zone, then you might have a second chance, but make sure you both have the same motives going back in. Don't fool the person or be fooled by the person you plan on reviving from your past. I have found that you can not move forward if you are looking back.

I wish you the best in your relationship and keep in mind what your goals are concerning relationship, because you don't want to, "Spoil Your Appetite."


(Author of: Don't Spoil Your Appetite)



Jacy J. wrote: I am asking God to provide me with wisdom & guidance. WWJD? ♥ EJ^2 ♥ ! Where is Mr. REAL Prince Charming? He must be in seclusion.

Hello Jacy,

I read your daily quote, and I understand were you are right now. Do me a favor, you and I know that nothing happens before it's time. So, with that said, try and just be patient. I tried to jump the gun a few times and God used those experiences too humble me. If you have asked God for what you want, He'll answer. The trick is that He will answer in His time or, "The Right Time." Who knows, right now there might be some things in your life that you need to work out prior to getting Mr. Right! A lot of us want the perfect person to come along, but don't realize that we are perfect ourselves and have a long way to go, (as far maturity).

Just relax breath and enjoy quality time with yourself, because I wouldn't want you to rush it and, "Spoil Your Appetite."



(Author of: Don't Spoil Your Appetite)


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