FL BREAKING NEWS: Local Police Officer Releases Books in Barnes & Nobles Nationwide.

Based on the overwhelming success of the of The Don’t Spoil Your Appetite (D.S.Y.A.) series Vol. # 1, the long awaited, D.S.Y.A. Vol. # 2, Social Investment/ Recipe for Families, Friends, and Marriage is now available in Barnes & Nobles Nationwide! The author and mentor, Mr. Hinds, has traveled all over the United States & abroad, interviewing individuals & couples to compile material for his D.S. Y.A. Vol. # 2 release. 

Mr. Hinds has brought on an amazing new individuals to entice his readers. One such addition is Chef John from Bizarre Ave Café, Lake Worth, Florida. He will innovate the readers with fresh and exciting recipes. Mr. Hinds has also included local home recipes from his fan mail; “I want my readers to be apart of my work as I am apart of their lives.” – Drew Hinds 2011


Mr. Hinds has a television show in the works and has reported that he will also be releasing a few music singles of his own. He plans to showcase his D.S.Y.A. series staff in his music videos. “I am excited about sharing my passion with the world and those dearest to me.”  – Drew Hinds 2011

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